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Итак, несколько классных выражений вам в копилку.

-I got the reminder. – Я получила напоминание.
-I was prepared to stay up all night. – Я была готова не спать всю ночь.
-Their contributions would look perfect. – Их вклад (содействие) будет выглядеть идеально.
-I'm trying to prevent the newsflash. – Я пыталась предотвратить эту сенсацию.
-Her mental problems. – Её проблемы с психикой.
-She humiliated her in front of her classmates. – Она унизила её перед одноклассниками.
-Who am I kidding? – Кого я обманываю?
-Renew birth control pills. – Обновить противозачаточные таблетки.
-Finish year-end fiscal summary. – Закончить подводить финансовые итоги года.
Перед вами 7 утверждений из трех отрывков. Какие-то из них правдивые (True✔️), а какие-то ложные (False✖️).

1. Kate had just flown home to New York from a business trip right before the kindergarten bake sale.
2. Kate had been ready to prepare something homemade, because she wanted her daughter Emily
would feel proud of her.
3. Kate still remembers the looks she got in 1974, when her mother sent her to the school bake sale with
two cans of sliced potatoes.
4. A recent study showed that 64 percent of women with young children don't sleep through the night
because they do the list.
5. Kate should buy a present for Jedda's birthday party. One problem: she doesn’t know who is Jedda:
boy or girl.
6. Kate should ask her husband Richard put on his list: “refill washer fluid in car”.
7. Kate works at bank.
ЗАДАНИЕ 2 (stories):
When I come home after a trip, Ben doesn't hold my (1)___ against me.
- Hey, baby.
He's too little for grudges.
- Little buddy, hi! Boo!
- Boo!

I love being a mother of a two-year-old boy. It's like being a movie star in a world without critics.
- Hi, Em.
(2)___, my daughter isn't quite as forgiving. If I'm gone for too long, she rewards me
with a game of snubs and punishments.

I want Daddy to take me to school.
Paula gives me a bath.
I don't like (3) ___.
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